The Life of Pietro Yon (audio)

The Heavens Heard Him

The novelization of the Life of the great organist, Pietro Yon

I wanted to give you a sample of one of the most moving chapters in the book. Since I could not find any good voice talent willing to do the job, I attempted it myself. I am obviously not a professional reader nor even a very good one, but I wanted you to have a chance to hear the narrative yourself, putting in the details of scenery and drama from your own imagination. I decided to read for you Chapter Six which is my favorite chapter in the whole book. What an incredible life he had! I hope you enjoy the chapter and the book. By the way, when he accepted Fr Young’s invitation to move to St Francis Xavier in New York City, the Casavant organ above was his instrument to play.


Chapter Six deals with Yon’s interactions with Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy, including his graduation: “Your Majesties, ladies and gentlemen. Once in a great while a professor finds himself thoroughly astounded. It is my turn today. This student beside me has accomplished all major subjects in five years, courses that usually take eleven, and he has surpassed previous records with his total average.” The ripple crescendoed to loud applause. “Furthermore,” Professor Bucci went on, holding up a hand for silence, “since Maestro Yon has won every award, and would be subjected to considerable exercise, this afternoon, if he had to keep going up and down the center aisle, it is my pleasure to hand the eleven prizes to him together.”

For more details and to buy the book, see my page on The Heavens Heard Him.

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