Whiting’s Prelude, Biggs’s Traviata, Wendt’s Love Song, and Calm as the Night

Hello, Blog Readers! March’s announcement contains three great restored transcriptions and one original piece. Again, I have also included an easy way to buy all of them for a discount. Also, to keep this email short, I’m writing only the briefest descriptions for the pieces. (Tell me if you prefer it.)


1. PROCESSIONAL PRELUDE, by George E Whiting. It’s easy and could be used for a variety of situations in church such as weddings or academic ceremonies.

2. PRELUDE TO “LA TRAVIATA,” by Verdi, transcribed by Richard Keys Biggs. I have had a bunch of requests for Biggs transcriptions, and if this one on the ever-popular Traviata is popular, I will restore more. (BTW, he was no relation to E Power Biggs.)

3. CANTIQUE D’AMOUR, by Theo Wendt, transcribed by Herbert Brewer. Brewer does it again with this lovely piano piece by Wendt. The next Brewer transcription I announce will be his 20th and last one — wow!

4. CALM AS THE NIGHT, by Carl Bohm, arranged by Edwin Arthur Kraft. A favorite of Virgil Fox, this is a transcription of the most popular song ever writtten by Bohm. And yes, there is multiple thumbing-down; take a look at the music to see it!

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. There are several of you who buy all of the pieces I restore in order to support my work. Thank you very much! I have made a special page where everyone can buy all of the pieces announced with one click and save money in the deal. Take a look at it and see if you think this is for you. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist. This month’s bundle is for the FOUR pieces you see above priced at only $30 plus shipping.

AGO FOUNDERS. If you missed my posting of the AGO Founders page last month, I feel that it is so important to organists that I am repeating it here. There have also been some corrections and new information since the initial posting!

I recently looked around online for a reliable list of the Founders for the American Guild of Organists. I was surprised to find nothing available anywhere! Of course, we all had access to the printed lists and books made through the years, but having it online is sure convenient. So I went about working on this myself and asking the best researchers to make sure that this list was 100% accurate and useful, too, in that it includes music written by the Founders which is in print and may be bought today. So, there is no excuse to avoid this great music written by those who started the AGO. I want to thank the researchers whose efforts made this possible: Stephen Best and John Apple. May this online list of the 145 Founders be of interest to organists worldwide and may it serve to help spur interest in getting some of their existing music played today.

Thank you all for your support of this great organ music, and I hope you tell your friends! The “Moderates” are winning in my poll, so if you haven’t, please DO go vote! It’s right here on the blog — literally, on the right near the top.


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