Dissertation and Articles on Firmin Swinnen

The 1927 Longwood Sketches of Firmin Swinnen

Knowing that you recently reissued Firmin Swinnen’s Longwood Sketches I thought you would be interested to know that my dissertation “The 1927 Longwood Sketches of Firmin Swinnen: Replica of a Scenic Film Score” is complete and available for reading from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro:


Additionally, I have had three Swinnen articles published in the newsletter of the Belgian “Studiecentrum Vlaamse Muziek.” The July installment was about the “Longwood Sketches” and may be of interest to you:


Thanks for your effort in preserving this important work.

Pamela Kane, DMA
UNC Greensboro


My thanks to Pamela Kane for this scholarly treatment of a worthy organist and composer. Her dissertation goes into greater depth than was possible with Colvin Randall’s article on Swinnen which I include in the “Longwood Sketches.” For more information, sample music pages, I include links below.

All four as a set: Longwood Sketches

  1. In the Shadow of the Old Trees
  2. Rosebuds
  3. Dewdrops
  4. Sunshine
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