Joby Bell Plays the VSU Möller

Guest Musician to Play VSU’s Rarely Used Organ

Whenever I see the words, “Rarely used,” I shake my head and cry a little. Why give or pay for an organ and then not use it? In a church, it is a violation of the “Good Stewardship” that is universally preached. In a school, there may be several reasons, but I’m not really convinced by any of them.

Paul Neal has often been asked, “What are those pipes for in Whitehead?” This weekend, Neal can musically answer this question. Valdosta State University Music hosts musician Joby Bell who will play the Whitehead Memorial Organ.

The pipes are part of the organ in VSU’s Whitehead Auditorium. Bell is the organ professor or Appalachian State University. He specializes in performances that “introduce and show off the instrument,” said Neal, a VSU associate music professor.

As a sad local example, I offer that, since my post in 2011, there have been no concerts, recitals, or programs with the organ. I sure hope Joby can rouse these Georgians to use their organ!


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