Michigan Residence with Kimball For Sale (video)

Home for Sale Has Hidden 2300-piece Pipe Organ

How clever it was to put a three manual organ in a small house in a less-than-affluent neighborhood for an owner who couldn’t play. Even though the realtor and the reporter have fun with the previous owner’s project, the future is indeed bleak for this organ. I’ve known people who have installed organs in their houses. In every case, selling the house before death is nearly impossible, and selling the house after death is just nonexistent. This organ was professionally installed and maintained and is worth quite a bit more than the asking price of the entire house, $129,000. It would so great if a church would take it and use it so that thousands could hear it in a good acoustical setting, but I doubt this outcome. But, enjoy the video anyway.

“By the kitchen table is the pipe organ with three sets of keyboards, stacked on top of each other with foot pedals. When you turn it on, a giant blower it can be heard in the basement. The organ, however, is only the half of it.”

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