New Theatre Organ Assembled in Milwaukee Warehouse

Carmex pulls out all the stops with theater organ

Paul Woelbing is in charge of another organ made from parts. It will be assembled in a warehouse. I imagine it will be sound much like a pizza parlor organ without the pizza. In fact, some of the parts of the new instrument came from a pizza palace.

The Carmex organ is being constructed with parts of many instruments. One set of pipes originally played for roller skaters at the long-gone Riverview Rink on Milwaukee’s east side.

“We found it in a pizza restaurant, sitting in a crate in storage in Mesa, Ariz.,” said Terry Kleven, co-owner of Century Pipe Organs, a Minneapolis firm that is assembling Woelbing’s instrument. The console originally was built for a Los Angeles organist and was gilded with trim that would suit Liberace. It has since been redone in more-restrained walnut.

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