J C Williams Organ “Refurbished”

50-year-old Pipe Organ Refurbished at First UMC

This looks like many consoles I’ve seen. It was not cleared and cleaned, all spruced up for this photo but left as though its organist had just recently stepped away, perhaps to go meet a bride or to visit the necessary room. This very brief story by an anonymous author is about the organ at First Methodist in DeRidder, Louisiana. I am not familiar with the builder, J C Williams.

“First United Methodist Church of DeRidder celebrated the dedication of the church’s refurbished organ Dec. 18 with a special performance by Jordan DeRouen, a DeRidder native and an Organ Performance Major at Southern Methodist University. The organ was built and installed for First UMC in 1963, and it was constructed by J.C. Williams, an organ builder in New Orleans.”

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  1. I got this very helpful comment via email:

    Yes, you know of J C Williams from New Orleans, Louisiana. “Jimmy” Williams & “Nora” Williams installed and did work for Æolian-Skinner in Louisiana and another state or two. T Jack Williams (Jimmy’s brother) was also a selling agent for Æolian-Skinner & their father Thomas Jackson Williams started & was included in the business too. Remember the following article by Nora from the May, 2006 article of The Diapason? Fascinating interview – article.

    The Williams Family of New Orleans

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