Thrilled to Find The Lost Chord

I received my copy of The Lost Chord today, and I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to have a copy of this music. I first heard it performed in 1959 (I’m showing my age now!) and fell in love with it. Later on, when I heard the lyrics, I loved it even more. I found an arrangement of it years later, after I had graduated from college with a church music and organ performance degree, but somehow lost my copy.

Fast forward to now, and for some reason I started thinking about it, and began to see if I could find another copy. I found your music service on line, and now I have the music once again. I wanted to also tell you how much I appreciate the added information on the back, and especially the 1907 Postcard Set. The pictures certainly give a nice visual to the words!

I will certainly keep you in mind for other organ music needs! Thank you again.

—North Carolina, USA

Thank you so much for this nice comment! —Michael

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