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St Paul’s Shares Famous Organ Music with Hackney school

Here is a story that will make your heart glow. A world-famous institution, St Paul’s Cathedral in London, England, and its organist, Tom Daggett, have begun an outreach program to elementary school students. If I could wave my magic wand, I would bring this program to all young school students, not just music students or piano students, but all young people.

The children from St John the Baptist Primary School in Crondall Street were told that the instrument originated in Ancient Greece over 2,300 years ago. “We’re delighted to launch the project by working with St John the Baptist Primary – the school was recommended to us by the Hackney Music Service and the head teacher and staff were extremely enthusiastic from the word ‘go’.

The inspiration for the OBE Organ Outreach project came from a new organ in the crypt at St Paul’s Cathedral funded by the Order of the British Empire, and the desire to share it with young audiences.

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