The Carmex Organ near Milwaukee (video)

Music Lover Builds Theater Pipe Organ in Unlikely Place

In Franklin, Wisconsin, we have a small progress report on this theatre-organ-in-a-factory, a factory that makes lip balm. “It’s the personal passion of Carma Laboratories president Paul Woelbing, who loves the instrument’s complexity and sound. He’s hired Minneapolis-based Century Pipe Organs, which is building it in the company’s Franklin warehouse with refurbished parts from around the country.”

I first posted about it near the end of last December. The caption in the photo above mentions Jelani Eddington and you’ll see and hear him in the video below, but it’s not clear as to the details of his involvement in the project.

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3 Responses to The Carmex Organ near Milwaukee (video)

  1. Albert Berry says:

    Not my kind of organ to own, but I do enjoy the sound of a theatre organ. I even have one of the more advanced “all organ” books aimed at the theatre organ sound, and from time to time try to make my poor little Johannus Opus 10 do it.

  2. Which books? Al Hermann’s or Crawford’s?

  3. Dean says:

    I do remember a theatre organ installation in – a MOTORCYCLE(!) shop – in Long Beach, CA

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