Bamboo Organ Concerts Need Money to Continue

Waning Funds May 40-year Bamboo Organ Fest

This article Teresa Cerojano of the Associated Press has been picked up by news outlets in most area of the United States. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s an extract and you can read the full piece at the link above. The future of the regular concert presentation of this unusual organ is in doubt.

It has survived time, storms and wars. But a nearly 200-year-old bamboo pipe organ, said to be the oldest and most complete in the world, is facing what may be its biggest threats yet: pop music and dwindling donations. For the last four decades, music lovers from as far away as the United States, Argentina, Australia and Europe have come every year to a Philippine Roman Catholic church to hear the organ, the centerpiece of an international music festival. Chances are, this year will be the festival’s last edition.

Organizers say they are broke because funding from traditional donors including the Philippine government, European embassies and corporate sponsors is drying up. Private companies are more keen to be involved in pop concerts than classical music, said Leo Renier, a Belgian, who founded the International Bamboo Organ Festival in 1975.


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  1. Mark Blanchard says:

    I thought you might be interested in this item at

    Title: The Bamboo Organ : In the Catholic Parish Church of St. Joseph at las Piñas, Province of Rizal on the Island of Luzon, Philippines
    Author: Hans Gerd Klais; Hans Steinhaus
    Publisher: Ohio : The Praestant press, 1977

    ISBN/ISSN: 0930112024 9780930112028

  2. Albert Berry says:

    It would be a shame to see and end to use of this unique instrument. I do hope that funding can be found to keep it going, even if the likelihood of my ever seeing it in person is somewhere between slim and impossible.

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