Home Pipe Organ with Mervin Brown

Home Pipe Organ with Mervin Brown

From a Youtube Channel with the unlikely name of “Toy Man Television,” I found a fascinating video report on a large pipe organ — more than 2,000 pipes. The owner is a builder and a player and helped maintain the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ for a decade.

“Mervin Brown has been building a pipe organ in his home for over 45 years. The massive classical organ sounds wonderful, and mostly fills his 100 year old house with over 2000 pipes! Now this is surround sound!”

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  1. Albert Berry says:

    I don’t care much for the intro style, but at least they allowed the organ to sing without a voice over. Thanks for posting this. A late friend of mine built a 7 rank organ into a bedroom. I “earned” the odd dinner by showing it off for people he also invited for dinner. I really miss Norman Starr Opus 1 and only.

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