Sowerby’s Symphony in G Played by William Whitehead

William Whitehead Plays the Sowerby Symphony in G

The physical CD of this fine recording has not been available for a long time; Michael’s Music Service distributed them for the past ten years or so. Now, my supply of CDs is gone; the last one sold at the recent regional AGO convention. So, now I am offering a digital download of the entire album which contains the Symphony and a few other pieces by Sowerby. Because it’s organ music, I am offering this album as the highest possible quality MP3 files and in the the lossless FLAC format. Most of today’s devices will accept both and those of you with excellent can listen to both and compare.

In my opinion, this is still the best recording of the Sowerby Symphony. The sound of the organ in the glorious acoustic space of the building and a stunning performance purely in the Sowerby style make this the recording to have. William Whitehead (d. 2000) made this recording in 1989 in Washington “National” Cathedral on the great IV/185 organ by Ernest Skinner and Aeolian-Skinner (1938/1958), which was enlarged by Joseph Whiteford in 1963 and 1974.

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  1. Tom Nichol says:

    Please include the liner notes, if you can. I’ve had one of these CD’s for a number of years, and thoroughly enjoyed it! (Incidentally, you might or might not be aware that the Cathedral was going to completely rebuild the organ several years ago, but with the economic instability of the past few years,they had to cancel the project. As far as I know, it’s still in fairly good shape as far as playability is concerned.)

    • OK, I’ve created a PDF of the notes and added it to the page so people can read it before buying. I hope it will help them make the decision to get it because lots of people think it’s the best. I’ve also included the big review by Michael Fox from 1991.

      You know, most people don’t care about the notes anymore. In pop music land, these have been missing for a long time. In our side of the recordings world, we lost the 12″ art of the LP when things shrunk to cassette and CD size. Now, the big download sites show a cover and whatever metadata they include in the files. “The times, they are a-changing.”

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