New Biography: Richard Keys Biggs

I have added a biography and photos of Richard Keys Biggs to my collection. He was a handsome and fashionable organist!

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  1. David Bohn says:

    Interesting—- we were just discussing Richard Keys Biggs on a facebook group. For about a year, he was the west-coast representative for the Wangerin Organ Company, and his designs for them were quite unlike what they were building for local churches.

    • Jelil Romano says:

      I played the beautiful Wangerin organ designed by Richard Keys Biggs at St. Vibiana’s Cathedral in Los Angeles for 20 years. There were many beautiful stops, including a Solo Flute, Great French Trumpet, three rank Swell String Celeste, as well as a 5 rank floating String Organ. The organ had been rebuilt and enlarged by Austin, but much of the original sound can be heard on the first few clips on the playlist above, especially the choral accompniments.

      Jelil Romano. .

  2. Toccata on “Deo Gratias” was performed in Savannah GA on August 28, 2016, by Bill McNair. Bill is also an organ composer. He also is an astounding organist. His wife, Anne, is also a composer of many church anthems. Mary Lee Pennington, FPC member of the Chancel Choir

  3. George Murphy says:

    Mr. Biggs was organist at Queen of All Saints RC Church in Brooklyn during the 1920s at which time he directed Wangerin to electrify the 1913 Wirsching organ, there.

    The aforementioned instrument also possessed a French Trumpet stop. (To hear this organ, obtain a copy of Bruce Stevens playing Rheinberger) Sonata 16 – g# Minor)

    In addition, the church is probably the most pure example of Gothic architecture in the entire city.

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