Vogelpohl and Spaeth from 1908 Beautifully Intact

Facts about the St John’s Church 1908 Pipe Organ

This unsigned article in the Watertown Public Opinion contains some interesting information but no photo. They published a great photo of it earlier this July, so I am presenting that.

The organ at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mazeppa Township, S.D., was built by the Vogelpohl and Spaeth pipe organ company of New Ulm, Minn., in 1908.

St. John’s congregation paid $800 for the instrument on March 12, 1908. The organ was shipped by rail to the nearest depot in South Shore where the shipping crates were loaded onto horse-drawn wagons and brought to the church by congregation members. A worker from the Vogelpohl firm spent only a few days setting up the organ in the church with help from the congregation. It was the 55th organ the company built and has seven ranks of pipes on two manuals and pedal – just under 400 pipes.

The organ is still in excellent condition and is virtually unaltered other than the addition of an electric blower in the 1920s. Even the leather on the bellows is original.

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  1. Tom Nichol says:

    BEAUTIFUL decoration of the pipes! That’s not something you see very much of any more in a pipe organ! I know that the pipes themselves are generally things of beauty in their own right, but something like this is definitely a cut above the ordinary!

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