Decision Not to Finish Installation of Wurlitzer

TOS and Musicians: Wurlitzer Now A Pipe Dream

If you want a story to make you good and mad, have I got one for you. This has all the facets of stupidity, time wasting, money wasting, and poor judgment in several areas of business and culture. I guarantee you will shake your head, if only figuratively. The place is Willoughby in Australia and the organ is, well, as seen in the photo above not installed.

“Pathetic”, “outrageous” and a “complete stuff up” are some of the words used to describe Willoughby Council’s decision not to finish installing a Wurlitzer organ that was donated to the community in 1962, despite spending more than $600,000.

Ron Sinclair was one of the last people to play the organ and was the council’s “unofficial (volunteer) organist” for 13 years. Mr Sinclair said the consultants report that councillors based their decision on “contained numerous inaccuracies and omissions.” “Throwing away $615,000 of ratepayers’ money can only be described as outrageous,” Mr Sinclair said.

Decisions by councils such as this remind me of a line said by my Bach Cantatas Course teacher, Williams Hays. When we discussed Bach not being chosen first for a job by the town council, he said, “History has not been kind to the town fathers of Leipzig.” These buffoons rank right along with them. Grrr.

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