The Boy from Molino

World Renowned Organist’s Career Began at Molino Church

After yesterday’s teeth-grinding story, we need to read a good, positive story to bring on some smiles. The headline includes “World Renowned” and that’s so hyperbolic as to be off-putting, but Tom Helms has had, so far, a fine career in organ arts, and is beloved by just about everyone. As of this writing, there were more than ten comments on the article page, and that is impressive, since most articles like this never have any comments at all. You should know that Molino is in Florida. Now, get ready to smile.

When Tom Helms, Jr. was a boy growing up in the Molino Methodist Church, he had dreams of the sounds of a pipe organ filling the sanctuary. That dream, and his love for pipe organ music, eventually took Helms around the globe where he is respected as one of top organ designers and organ players.

Helms grew up in the Molino Methodist Church and and was presented at the inception of Aldersgate United Methodist in 1965.  During his teen years he played for the church and developed the music program for the church. And, when visiting other large churches, heard and fell in love with the pipe organ.

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