Thanks for the Great Tip

John, the Leupold organ book you recommended came today, and it’s exactly what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, my organ left to be returned to the seller, but a brand new Johannus Opus 370 3-manual should arrive before Christmas.  Can’t wait. Thanks for the great tip. —California, USA

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  1. Albert Berry says:

    > to the California poster above:

    I have a Johannus Opus 10 with all the trimmings as the dealer stated was created as part of a group of instruments for the 1998 AGO Convention in Seattle. It was upgraded with wooden swell shoes, Module 1 (Chimes, Harpsichord, Strings, Gospel Organ + Tremolo) Divisional pistons and the SP 1 Speaker Top – which is the most valuable of all the upgrades. I thought and thought about modifications, and decided that I did not want to lose anything that was on the original Opus 10 AGO spec. I drool over the Opus 370. Did you pick any upgrades to the instrument? Stop Changes?

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