ACCH/Boardwalk Hall Organ Video with Steven Ball

Restoration of Boardwalk Hall Organ underway

You all know what’s going on there. The video on this page is the jewel of this article. Steven Ball is doing a terrific job as spokesman and organist for this world treasure.

It’s described as the largest musical instrument in the world, yet an audience can barely see it. The historic organ at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City boasts more than 33,000 pipes, all concealed behind the walls of the cavernous auditorium best known for hosting the Miss America pageant. But the sound is robust – even while operating at only 25 percent of its capacity.

“I tell people it’s sort of like a race car running on two cylinders right now,” said staff organist Steven Ball. “It’s also terrifying how powerful it is – even just a quarter of it. So I can’t imagine what half of it is going to do.”

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