Giving Young People A Chance To Play An Organ

Youngsters Try Out Town Hall Organ

Giving young musicians a chance to play a large organ can stimulate the interest to continue training in the organ field. Organizations and individuals should take it upon themselves to make this happen regularly. An organist should not wait for a young person to ask them if they could play. They should make the offer themselves! This chance to play might be just the spark that a piano student needs to become an organ student.

The next generation of budding organists was given a chance to play Dunedin Town Hall’s grand old organ Norma at the weekend.The children attended the workshop ‘‘Pulling out all the stops” on Saturday, as part of the Australia and New Zealand College of Organists Academy, which was held in Dunedin. Academy director and St Paul’s Cathedral organist George Chittenden said the workshop was about encouraging children to be interested in organ music.

Norma was one of the biggest organs in the country and as a town hall organ had ‘‘interesting and exciting effects” that would not be found on a church organ. ‘‘It’s a really impressive instrument and they wouldn’t normally have a chance to play it.”

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