The Pipe Organ’s Voice in Symphonic Music

US Composers Festival To Explore Recent Organ Music

Read this article that properly considers the organ right alongside of the symphony orchestra. Paul Jacobs is our leading proponent in this, and the annual American Composers Festival is an important place to spread the word.

The Pacific Symphony’s annual American Composers Festival, in which the cause of our national music is taken up in earnest, is once again upon us. Unlike last year’s event, which honored no less than André Previn, who also attended, the current festival lacks a marquee name but nevertheless promises to stimulate.

Contemporary music for the combined forces of symphony orchestra and pipe organ will be the focus of the proceedings, with distinguished American organist Paul Jacobs, a frequent guest here over the years, serving as curator of the event. Segerstrom Concert Hall’s William J. Gillespie Concert Organ is about to get a workout like never before.

“The pipe organ’s voice in symphonic music is more vast than most people realize,” Jacobs said the other day from his office at the Juilliard School in New York, where he heads the organ department. “From the Baroque period to the present day, there is an abundance of repertoire for organ and orchestra. And there’s no shortage of excellent American music for the medium, of recent and contemporary composers. So we decided to draw on some of the most effective voices.”

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