Bob Heil: Organs, Speakers, and Microphones

Bob Heil: Organs, Speakers, and Microphones

After I saw this photo on Ebay, I sent it with this short note to Bob Heil.

Saw this photo on Ebay. What a setup!

I have enjoyed your work on Twit … an organist who understands music and creates electronic gear with this in mind. Are you on Facebook? There are plenty of folks there who would love to hear from you.

Here is his excellent reply!

Hi, Michael.

Thanks for the nice note. Great stuff. That was an incredible instrument — a stereo Hammond with three manuals. I did the stereo mod on many … only did two with three manuals, though: This one and then put all of that in a Wurlitzer console that also had 5 ranks of pipes — all in a 4 star restaurant in St Louis, 1959–1965. Sorry, I do not do FB. Enough to answer the hundreds of emails daily…. [Boy, can I understand that!]

I have a great Lyn Larsen Allen in my studio and absolutely love it. Going into my 60th year of playing those Wurlitzers and all else, and this Allen tops them all. I still love a B3, especially one of my stereo conversions. Split the matching transformer, added another pre-amp and swell pedal, mass Rowe string bass, two internal reverbs and four Leslies. The original 31H and 122 on the lower manual, same on the upper and a sub woofer for the string bass. Killer….

Bob’s Stereo Hammond
This Can’t Be Love
Sunny Side

Hey, stay in touch. Too bad we are not closer. I have some organ dealers bring students to the studio occasionally. Love playing.…

Thank you,
Bob Heil

Be sure to see what Bob offers on his website. His microphones are simply the best for podcasts; nothing else is close. Here is a sample of his organ playing.

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