Goodbye, Wangerin

Green Bay Church Replaces their Wangerin

First Presbyterian Church is planning to remove their 80 year old Milwaukee-made organ and use parts in a new organ to be built by P J Swartz of Georgia. They think that it will be ready in December and hope to raise $180,000.

There are very few Wangerins left.

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  2. Donald VerKuilen says:


    My name is Don VerKuilen. I am the organist at First Presbyterian Church in Green Bay. I am very upset about all the comments going on these sites about the project of our pipe organ. In the process of doing this organ, the historical value of the organ was taken in to a lot of thought.

    Before I was at the church, a previous organist had taken the 8′ Viola D’ Amor and cut it in half, calling it a 2′ Principal. They didn’t even care to change the stop tab, the just put a piece of masking tape on the stop and wrote in blue pen the new name. They had also taken out the 8′ Vox Humana and put in a rather nasty sounding 8′ Trumpet. Now I know the poor sound of the Trumpet may very well of been from the the old resisvoir. The organ was getting less than 2″ of wind. Everything else on the organ is wonderful.
    Every Sunday something was going wrong on the organ. After the fire in the building the organ was caked in black. There were a lot of dead notes and when I got there whole ranks of pipes didn’t play. Something needed to be done!
    In the new organ WE ARE KEEPING ALLL THE PIPE WORK OTHER THAN THE RUINED VIOLA D’ AMOR AND THE ADDED TRUMPET! We are also adding a new trumpet and an Oboe. It will be easy to play the old wangering it will just have some new parts so that It can last for years and years and years. I don’t intend on having an organ that screeches, or has a poor sound. It will be a solid organ that will help support singing and also be able to play a wide range or lit for the organ.

  3. Thanks for the news from the front, Don. I know what you mean about the damage from smoke, and it’s good to keep the voices so they can be played by someone curious. If I ever get to Green Bay, I’d love to visit. –Michael

    • Don Verkuilen says:

      If you are in town just shoot me an email and I would be glad to let you you come on in and see it/play it. It is going to be quite the little organ when it is done. We are expecting a finish in the last week of Jan.

      Blessings on your Christmas,

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