Steve Schlesing — from Theatre to Church and Beyond

Steve Schlesing — from Theatre to Church and Beyond

I read a terrific article about a great guy and an organist of moving style and enormous emotion, Steve Schlesing. It’s by David Lamb, known online at as Agnus_Dei. You may see Steve other places online, but on this site devoted to Hauptwerk, you would look for Keys61. I first met and heard Steve way back in the 1990s at a Detroit organ convention. He has recorded many of the pieces I have restored and is responsible for helping to share them and encouraging other organists to play them. I am really grateful for his longtime support.

Some musicians specialize in one particular area.  They stick to what they know, and do it well – hopefully! Others do it all, but without any particular care or skill.  They just do it, and hope it comes out OK…  They have no style.

Well, our very own Steve Schlesing is a man of multiple interests and many talents!  Whether it be in the theater or in church, a performance by Steve is always a superb one, combining all of the care, concern, and inventiveness that is so much a part of him.  In short, Steve has talent – and it shows!

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  1. Thanks, Michael! Didn’t know this about Steve!

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