Learn More About Garth Edmundson

Learn More About Garth Edmundson

I am pleased to report information that resulted from a few inquiries made by John Apple about Garth Edmundson. His name is not one you’re likely to find in your music history text or music appreciation guide. I posted about him a few months ago, and here is the link to Garth Was Quite A Character. Below, I am posting a few more bits about him which were submitted by an excellent librarian, Lisa Rodgers of First Presbyterian of New Castle, Pennsylvania. But first, here are a few thoughts from John Apple from his research in preparing the capsule biography of Edmundson.

1938 article quoting The American Organist

“In Garth Edmundson, eminent Pennsylvania organist and composer, America has produced perhaps the outstanding composer of organ music of this decade.”

1948? article citing:

“In a recent survey made by [The] Diapason, the organist journal, his works rated first among Americans, and he was preceded on the list only by Marcel Dupré, the great French artist, among living composers whose productions are played oftenest.”
“He is a devout believer in groundwork, and stresses the fact that a fluid piano technique is imperative to graduate to the organ.”

1945 lecture prior to Edmundson recital:

“3. Mr. Edmundson’s rating as a composer is revealed in surveys conducted by the National Journal of the American Guild of Organists, “The Diapason.” They show that he holds first place in popularity among American composers; i.e., more of his works appear on recital programs and are played by the outstanding organists of the country than any other living composer.
4. Among 33 composers hears most frequently during recitals 1944-45, Carnegie Music Hall, he appeared 7th on the list and the 1st living composer’s name to appear on the list.”

The Newspaper Clippings

Here are PDFs of the three articles concerning Garth Edmundson I mentioned above. You will learn about the organist and his life and his music.

As an aside, don’t you wish all churches had someone like Lisa?

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