Aria by Firmin Swinnen

Aria by Firmin Swinnen

I am presenting below a recent inquiry and my response.

Hi Michael. Thank you for posting the score! [Longwood Sketches] You have a very interesting selection of organ music! I’m particularly interested in music of former fellow-countrymen like Firmin Swinnen.

You do not happen to have edited his “Aria”* also? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
I’m certainly interested in future editions, so you can keep me posted. Kind regards. —Belgium

Well, I have good news! I have finished the copyright search and have received an excellent source on which to make the restoration. There have been many requests for Swinnen’s “Aria,” and I’m sure it will be popular. Please watch my announcements for future news.

* “Aria,” by Firmin Swinnen. New York, HW Gray Co ©1954, Saint Cecilia series, number 804.

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5 Responses to Aria by Firmin Swinnen

  1. Dylan David Shaw says:

    I Received a Photocopy from Peter Richard Conte about a year ago. I will find it and send it. I would love to see it Printed again.

  2. George Murphy says:

    I seems as if the St. Cecilia Series compositions will lend themselves well to future restorations.
    There are many, many great works in the 900-plus publications from Gray.

    Good news regarding the Swinnen!

  3. George Murphy says:

    By the way, this is quite possibly the console that resides in Ocean Grove, NJ Auditorium – with an additional keyboard.

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