Eight Russian Things Wikileaks Has Not Leaked

8 Places in Moscow Where You Can Listen to Organ Music

For the most part, Russians are not supporters of organ music. In the cities, however, this is not the case. Moscow is a stunning example.

On December 17 the historic organ in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory will be put back into commission after its refurbishment, as this year the Conservatory celebrates its 150-year anniversary. However, this is not the only place in Moscow where you can hear organ music.

In the Moscow Conservatory, a very fine school of music, they have this organ:

According to its critics, this organ is not only a wonderful instrument but a brilliant showpiece of Russian musical history. Made in the atelier of Cavaille-Coll, the highly-regarded French master, and fitted in 1901, it was the first concert organ in Russia.

It was chosen by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who was friends with many French musicians at the time; before then instruments were usually ordered from German masters. It was worth several million in gold and was of unusually high quality according to its designer, who won the Grand Prix in the 1900 Paris World Fair for his creation.

So, let’s credit and blame those Russians who have committed acts of international espionage and likewise admire those past and present who have presented and promoted the musical arts. There are some great organs in Mother Russe! Полюбуйтесь органы России!

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  1. George Murphy says:

    I do recall that the Durufle’s completed an highly-successful tour of Russia not long before the devastating accident in May of 1975, which severely injured both husband and wife.

    Apparently, there are some wonderful instruments in the country. Keep in mind that the western regions are just as European as Europe itself.

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