Recordings Requested

Recordings Requested

I have been updating my website to HTML5 Audio and removing the old, unsupported Apple Quicktime plugin. Over the days of editing, it struck me that I need some recordings. I always welcome your recordings of my restored pieces, but there are two that struck me as painfully incomplete. If you have played these or could play these and are willing to share your recording, please do! I would love to share these to encourage more organists to buy, learn, and play them.



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  1. George Murphy says:

    The Weinberger pieces were among the first volumes I owned (from 1967), Frank Zavaglia (student of Gaston Detier) demonstrated them to me prior to the sale at Tustings Piano Co. in Asbury Park, NJ.

    I have played them; although, not recently. I will work them up and we’ll see what happens (nice music)

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