Elsa’s Procession to the Minster: Brewer & Orem

Elsa’s Procession to the Minster: Brewer & Orem

I was really pleased to find Justin Maxey’s recording of Wagner’s “Procession to the Minster,” also known as “Elsa’s Procession” and, as above, “Minster March.” You know that I love to share recordings of the pieces I restore because it gives an organist the chance to hear a piece he perhaps does not know or a performance with which he is unfamiliar. In some cases, I offer a recording of the original orchestral or instrumental version because I cannot find one with the organ transcription I restored.

In this case, because I was so impressed with Justin’s performance of the Procession, I am sharing with you, even though he played from a different transcription. He played the one shown above by Preston Ware Orem, originally published in 1909. It’s got differences, to be sure, but it is similar in many respects, and moreover his performance will give you an idea of the scope and power of Wagner’s lesser-known Wedding March.


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