Severalls Hospital Organ to Be Appreciated in France

Hospital Organ Will Make Sweet Music Again … in France

Well, if you must tear the chapel down, moving the organ and seeing that it will be played and appreciated is the right thing to do. This story is about Severalls Hospital, which closed in 1997, and its organ. If you can provide information about the builder, please comment below.

A NEW home has been found for a much-loved chapel organ – in a quaint French village. Organist Eric Cordé read online how the relic at the former Severalls Hospital chapel in Colchester could be a potential restoration project.

The chapel is set to be demolished to make way for 730 homes on the site of the former psychiatric hospital off Boxted Road. The plan was for the organ to put into storage until a new owner was found. But the organ already has its new overseas destination – La Richardais church in Brittany, close to the popular holiday destination of Dinard.

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