Watkinson Fantasia Worth Learning

Watkinson Fantasia Worth Learning

As I was looking through various organ music sites online recently, I landed on YOUR site and spent some time there looking around. I found the Watkinson Fantasia that you’d generously posted some years ago. Your explanation of the history of this piece and your attempts at re-engraving and restoring it were very interesting, indeed. Now, having downloaded the copy you supplied and having played through, I intend to learn the piece and, hopefully, record it. Very beautiful, stately music. Thank you for “finding” it. I will look at your site even more carefully today.

If you have the time, you might be interested in seeing some of the music I am writing for the organ and piano among other things. About a year ago I purchased a Johannus Vivaldi 370 for my home, so I have been writing quite a lot of new music and, recently, have begun to record some of it. All of the music I post at my website is free to anyone who wishes to download and use it and I never require personal information or e-mail addresses and such or even a specific request for permission to use what I’ve written. So, take a look if you like and, if you so desire, share the link to my site with any others whom you think might like to access some new organ music.

www.paulpage.org (follow the menu items at the top of my home page to find the scores and recordings)

Thanks again for the Watkinson and for the interesting and very useful work you are doing.

—Paul F Page

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  1. George Murphy says:

    Another unknown find from Paxton. That publisher had a wealth of great organ music, both in the original, and, arrangement categories

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