Joseph Bonnet’s Opus 10 Now Reprinted

Joseph Bonnet’s Opus 10 Now Reprinted

I am happy to report that a new supply of Bonnet’s Douze Pièces pour Grand-Orgue, Opus 10, has arrived from the printer. For those who were waiting, you will receive yours immediately. For others, visit the page and see if any of the twelve pieces catches your interest. I first chose this volume because it includes his dramatic depiction of the sinking of the Titanic, “In Memoriam (Titanic).” It was published in 1913, the year after the sinking. It feels good to know that interest in his music exists today. I am considering restoring more Bonnet, and I welcome your thoughts on which of his published works should be next.

See my page for the Bonnet’s Twelve Pieces book.

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  1. George Murphy says:

    Bonnet was a heralded figure among his organist peers. Many great works in the repertoire were dedicated to Joseph Bonnet. He was the main topic spanning William Self’s entire career (Self was a student of Bonnet).

    His works are not as well known and, there is little as far as recorded performances are concerned.
    Schirmer (G.) was the publisher for his “Historical Organ Recital Series” that spanned several centuries of organ literature.

    This should prove to be an important step in getting his music out to the masses.

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