London, London, and the Mail List

Many thanks. I think there is only need for one ‘London’ in the address (these ‘clever’ computer auto fills only go so far…!), otherwise that address is perfect.

I think I will join the mailing list — it was the only place I could buy that particular piece.

Thanks very much!

—United Kingdom

I think it’s our post office’s attempt to assign a county to the address. We don’t do that over here, but it seems that my UK addresses always have that included. Here’s a curious one that throws many: Basingstoke, Hants. “Hants” means “Hampshire”!

The equivalent for me would be:
4146 Sheridan Drive
Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina 28205

And for the address of Radio Music Music Hall:
1260 6th Ave
New York, New York, New York 10020

New York City is in New York County which is in New York State!

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