A Wedding Song, Some Sunlight, The Bells, and A Mighty Fortress

As I wrote last month, I couldn’t wait for 2016 to be over. May 2017 turn out better! The pieces for January present several styles which I hope will appeal to you.


1. CANTILÈNE NUPTIALE, by Herbert Fricker. He wrote this piece while he was the City Organist at Leeds Town Hall in 1906, before he moved to Canada. If you enjoy playing on two manuals with one hand, this one is for you!

2. CASCADES IN THE SUNLIGHT, by Howard Savage. There are lots of fast notes in this atmospheric toccata but they follow patterns which allow you to play them relatively easily.

3. THE BELLS, by William Price. As in the Fricker above, you’ll find the thumbing-down technique here. It is used for only two notes, repeated throughout, on the chimes, so if you can manage that, you have managed this descriptive piece.

4. VARIATIONS ON EIN’ FESTE BURG, by Henry Cutler. In 1878, Cutler wrote these variations in one movement on the tune we all use to “A Mighty Fortress,” though it was not so well known then. He indicated a solo instrument, but you can almost play it yourself; an assistant could easily play it on a separate manual.

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. To get the four pieces mentioned above, I offer a special price so you can buy all of the pieces above with one click and save money in the deal. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist.

Next month, I hope to offer two excellent recordings to accompany two pieces. One is easy and one is hard — something for everybody! Thank you for your interest in this music, and I welcome your suggestions.


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