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  1. Lew Williams says:

    Hey Michael

    I have an old printed transcription of Drdla’s “Souvenir” by Quentin Maclean that you might want to reproduce & make available. I think it was published in Vienna in the early ’30s, but can look for it If you would be interested.

    Thanks so much for the terrific service you provide us allwith.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Lew. It was published by Bosworth but in Vienna where the good engravers were, I guess. I will keep it on the list while I search for an original for the basis of restoration. The only copy I see in a library is in the British Library.

  3. Re: Billy Nalle’s Alles Was Du Bist: “My teacher and I were in the audience when he played it in Atlanta at the 1966 AGO convention at the Fox Theatre. I still have the program from that week of concerts! I’ve played some of the pieces, of course to happy listeners. This is the kind of music that people like to hear!”
    Maryland, USA

    • Larry Nevel says:

      I would love to see more of Billy’s music in print. I am not a theatre organist but have always loved his music. His recordings are some of my all time favorites. I got to hear him in person once in Wichita. What a performer.

  4. This order — and all of the previous orders — is actually for my son. He’s a big fan of your business and always looks to you first when he’s searching for music. He leaves for UT-Austin, where he will major in music, in two weeks. Thanks again for taking such good care of him — I really appreciate it! —Texas, USA

  5. The parts of the Nearing [“Scenes from a Mexican Desert”] that you made available to look at looked like they leave lots of room for interesting registration. I really appreciate the opportunity to take a look at the music. —New York, USA

  6. Bonnie Miller says:

    I really loved “Lotus Blossom” and your promptness was truly appreciated. I’m also looking for “Under the Christmas Mistletoe” by Dick Leibert. Thank you for your service and articles.

  7. Michael Johnston says:

    Hi Michael. I just voted for the restoration of duets. My friend and I played “The Open Diapason March” duet for the Postlude last fall to a favorable response from (most) of the congregation. The organ duet repertoire is not very large so we look forward to playing some new-to-us material. Thanks. —Vermont, USA

  8. Heidi Bender says:


    I discovered your blog today and I am enjoying it very much! I started taking organ lessons (as an adult) about 3 years ago.


  9. Tristan Rhodes says:

    You have the fastest turn around time of any music publishing company from whom I’ve purchased on line. I think I ordered the Bingham “Roulade” two days ago. You emailed to say you’d taken it to the post office that day [the day following the order]. I received the music in today’s mail – the day after you emailed. Thank you!

    Feedback on the music itself: the ink used in the photocopy of Seth Bingham’s “Roulade” is good and dark. The barrings of 16th notes and any phrasing or ties – anything that isn’t horizontal – are a tad choppy but the copy is certainly clear and easily readable. BTW, I rented a bedroom in Seth Bingham’s NY apartment on Clairmont Avenue for a few months while I was realizing figured bass for the well known French tenor and recording artist for Archiv, Yves Tinayre. Bingham and Tinayre were long-standing friends. Seth was a very kind, gentle and interesting elderly man when I knew him in the late 1960s. He told me about Fox’s interest in and the many performances he gave that included the Bingham “Roulade.” “Fox made it famous” he said and went on to say that Fox inserted a pedal glissando in the last measure. I’ll have to get a recording of Virgil playing this piece so I can hear the effect and insert it if appropriate in my own performances.

    —Tristan Rhodes

  10. Tom Nichol says:

    Michael–you sent me an email (it may have been via Facebook) some time ago inviting me to contribute to your blog. Is there a specific email address I should use for this purpose? Also, I was delighted to notice that you are restoring Leo Sowerby’s “Comes Autumn Time.” As it happens, some months ago I wrote a short essay explaining how and why Sowerby composed this piece, including the poem by Bliss Carman that directly inspired it. If you think you could make use of it in preparing your restoration, I’d be more than happy to send it to you–just let me know!

    • Hi,Tom! Unless you’re going to write posts regularly, say at least once per week, it is probably not worth it to learn WordPress and post directly. So, just email me at my normal email address and I’ll format your writing for WordPress. The Sowerby essay sounds great!

  11. Wendy Wurlitzer says:

    Hi Michael I thought you would like to know that the Landmark Wurlitzer’s cables have been cut and it has been relocated to the back It is horrific! Wendy Wurlitzer

  12. Garry Hearne says:

    My question would be: “what period of organ music do you like to play or hear”

  13. Jim Hildreth says:

    Michael, the Five Sonatas by Eugene Thayer arrived recently. There is a wealth of great material in there that will be useful for church as well as concert. Thank you very much for making these and other hard-to-find items available at great prices! Thanks also for the bonus organ dusting cloth. I am actually using it to dust my shiny black baby grand piano at home, which attracts dust daily!

  14. Edwin H. Lemare’s Andantino is the first printed music I’ve seen with four staffs including three for keyboards. Though I’ve used multiple keyboards in one hand many times in theatre music this is a first for me. Love the piece!

  15. Anne Kimball says:

    Received the Jackson Voluntaries today. Thanks for the quick turn around. The book was beautifully packaged to ship and arrived in pristine condition. Thanks so much. I’ll be playing them in services very soon.

  16. Anne Kimball says:

    This week I received 4 pieces of music. I ordered your arrangement of Christ the Life of All the Living because I really liked the recording. Your suggestions for fanfare type music is spot on – Triumphant Procession that you composed and A Festive March also composed by a local organist. I can use all these pieces of music as service music. The TV themed pieces are just for my enjoyment! In addition, the printing and covers are very nice. Michael’s Music Service sheet music is beautifully printed on large and very easy to read paper. The artwork is very tasteful. THANKS!

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