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Michael’s Music Service

We Restore, Reprint, and Distribute organ music, most of which is otherwise unavailable. Our editions offer explanations of archaic terms, capsule biographies, photos, and other interesting information that helps the performer to understand and present a musical and historically informed performance.

Read more about what we do and learn more about sheet music restoration.

We have customers from nearly every country with organs. See the map of organists who believe in our goal of “Making Old Music Live Again.”

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Thomas J Gentile Jr. says:

    Like your site alot and would like more Info. Very much into Pipe Organs and Cathedrals

  2. Mark Blanchard says:

    Greetings. Stumbled across your news item – Homer Blanchard Organ Celebrates 50th Anniversary. Unfortunately I missed the festivities. I believe there are still some Blanchard organs in use in Ohio, most likely in Marysville and Delaware, Ohio to name a couple of places. I have a list somewhere of at least where they used to be. He would have appreciated this mention. Sincerely…Mark Blanchard.

    BTW, this post was http://michaelsmusicservice.com/blog/?p=1201. -Michael

  3. Thanks. Leave the additional info on http://michaelsmusicservice.com/blog/?p=1201 so people looking for “Blanchard organ” can find it. It helps Google, too. –Michael

  4. Mary Clinard says:

    Thanks to The Diapason, I have just discovered your website. I am afraid I will be up way past my bedtime making a large order list (tomorrow is Sunday and organists need their sleep!!). Feel like I have just discovered a treasure chest of fantastically exciting music! Thank you so much and I will be placing an order soon!

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