Valentine’s Day and Romance

The Organ Music of Love

Music is one of the best ways to communicate strong or complex emotions. The following organ pieces have been played for Valentine’s Day and other celebrations of love, romantic and spiritual.

Alles Was Du Bist by Billy Nalle
Billy’s tongue-in-cheek trio on “All the Things You Are” is a subtle and humorous tribute to your Valentine.
Alles Was Du Bist

Aphrodite by Ralph Kinder
Named for the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure in Greek mythology, this is the perfect choice for a love song.

Cantique d’Amour by Wendt, transcribed by Herbert Brewer
A lovely song published for cello, voice, or organ
Cantique d’Amour

Love Song from “Mutiny on the Bounty” arranged by Rosa Rio
Also known as “Follow Me,” written by Kaper, this was the love theme in “Mutiny on the Bounty” (1962).
Love Song (Organ Arrangements Vol II)

Prelude to “La Traviata” by Verdi, transcribed by Richard Keys Biggs
Nothing says “love” like a Verdi opera!
Prelude to “La Traviata”

Romance by Herbert Fricker
Fricker created lovely melodies with stirring harmonies, and this one portrays through music several aspects of love. It is a perfect piece for Valentine’s Day.

Saluto d’Amor by Gottfried Federlein
A Valentine’s Day organ piece, a Salute to Love
Saluto d’Amor

Sanctuary of the Heart by Albert Ketèlbey
Ketèlbey ends the descriptive poem for this religious meditation, an excerpt from his “In A Monastery Garden,” with “And fill all our hearts with Love.”
Sanctuary of the Heart

The Tragedy of A Tin Soldier by Gordon Balch Nevin
In one of his lesser-known suites, Nevin describes “the little Soldier’s return from the war, his heart beating high with love, which turns to bitterest jealousy as he finds his rival usurping his place.”
Tragedy of A Tin Soldier


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