Atmospheric & Characteristic

Music that Tells a Story or Creates an Atmosphere

The Abbey Chimes by G E Lyle
This storm occurs in the context of a church service with plenty of chimes
The Abbey Chimes

Alpine Fantasy and Storm by Isaac van Vleck Flagler
This storm takes place in the midst of the Alps with all of the expected sounds
Alpine Fantasy and Storm

Cascades in the Sunlight by Howard Savage
A different sort of “Water Music,” a rippling toccata that’s lots of fun
Cascades in the Sunlight

Donkey Dance by Robert Elmore
If your donkey could dance, this would be his preferred accompaniment!
Donkey Dance by Elmore

Drifting Clouds by Dezsö D’Antalffy
Calm, fluffy, drifting clouds on the organ
Drifting Clouds

Epiphany by Garth Edmundson
The Magi travel to Bethlehem.

Fireside Fancies by Joseph Clokey
These evocative atmospheric musical pictures have been popular since they were written in 1923.
Fireside Fancies

First Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg-Gaul
Recognizable to your audience and great fun for the organist
First Peer Gynt Suite

The Fountain by H Alexander Matthews
The sounds of a grand fountain written for the organ
The Fountain by Matthews

Fountain Reverie by Percy Fletcher
Fletcher’s fountain sketch offers “a great deal of effect with very little trouble.”
Fountain Reverie by Fletcher

The Fountain Sparkling in the Sunlight by Hugo Goodwin
This sketch takes some work but offers a picture of a fountain you’ve never heard before.
The Fountain Sparkling in the Sunlight by Goodwin

In A Monastery Garden by Ketèlbey-Ware
Albert Ketèlbey’s best known work in its earliest organ arrangement
In A Monastery Garden

In a Norwegian Village by Joseph Clokey
Albert Ketèlbey’s best known work in its earliest organ arrangement
In a Norwegian Village

In A Persian Market by Ketèlbey-Matthew
Ketèlbey’s lively atmospheric portrait in a real theatre organ arrangement, complete with percussions
In A Persian Market

In Fairyland by Spaulding Stoughton
Stoughton’s best known suite
In Fairyland

Scenes from A Mexican Desert by Homer Nearing
A series of easy-to-play and evocative characteristic pieces depicting the desert
Scenes from A Mexican Desert

Scenes in Northumberland by Frederic H Wood
A series of four pieces depicting famous places in Northumberland
Scenes in Northumberland

Scenes on the Downs by Frederic H Wood
A series of four pieces evoking times of the day on the Downs
Scenes on the Downs

Scherzo-Mosaic by Harry Rowe Shelley
Sub-titled “Dragonflies,” it’s fast fun

Sketches of the City by Gordon Balch Nevin
A suite depicting life in the city of 1917
Sketches of the City

Sportive Fauns by Dezsö D’Antalffy
Depicts fauns from a painting by Böchlin
Sportive Fauns

St Lawrence Sketches by Alexander Russell
The Wanamaker organist’s greatest work is at the summit of the best of American program music.
St Lawrence Sketches

The Storm by Clarence Kohlmann
This storm piece tells the story of a military squad dealing with the weather and marching around. For decades, it was a staple in the Ocean Grove Auditorium.
The Storm

Sunset at the Abbey by Gatty Sellars
The setting of the sun at the Abbey from the “World’s Most Descriptive Organist”
Sunset at the Abbey

The Thunder Storm by T P Ryder
This storm is the first storm piece ever published in the US and follows the traditional program. Exciting!
The Thunder Storm

Told By A Camp Fire by Hugo Goodwin
This highly programmatic music describes the legend of an Indian Maiden who goes over Niagara Falls in her canoe.
Told By A Camp Fire

Tragedy of A Tin Soldier by Gordon Balch Nevin
Humorous suite by the composer of “Will o’ the Wisp”
Tragedy of A Tin Soldier

Where Dusk Gathers Deep by Charles Stebbins
Easy to play, this is the first of a characteristic pair he wrote to his own poetry
Where Dusk Gathers Deep

Woodland Sketches by MacDowell-Ellsasser
All ten of these short pieces arranged by the prodigy, Richard Ellsasser
Woodland Sketches

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