Audiences Love Novelty and Humor

Welcome to the “un-explored field of organ music: — the humorous; the humor however is suggestive rather than descriptive, thus conforming to the best ideals of programmatic art.” —Gordon Balch Nevin, 1915

Alles Was Du Bist (Trio in a Style of Bach) by Billy Nalle
Uses “All the Things You Are” as the cantus firmus in this chorale prelude and laughter is guaranteed.
Alles Was Du Bist

Arkansas Traveler by Fred Feibel
This famous “hillbilly” folk song in a clever, quirky arrangement
Arkansas Traveler

By the Brook by Boisdeffre-Federlein
Often used for depicting nature in films accompanied by theatre organ and cartoons
By the Brook

Chinoiserie by Firmin Swinnen
The musical character of the piece is patterned after the popular Chinese intricate designs and motifs popular in the 1920s.

Dance of the Bells by Rebikoff-Clough-Leighter
This short piece is from a ballet and was designed for organs with light, tinkling bells, especially those found on theatre organs!
Dance of the Bells

Fire in A Chinese Laundry by Feibel & Harrington
The title says it all. Used by pianists as an encore.
Fire in A Chinese Laundry

Fireside Fancies by Joseph Clokey
Certain movements of the suite certainly fit in this category
Fireside Fancies

First Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg-Gaul
“Morning Mood” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” are the ones I think would be effective
First Peer Gynt Suite

Fountain Reverie by Percy Fletcher
From 1915: “Mr. Fletcher’s two pieces give them a great deal of effect with very little trouble.” Do you dream of fountains?
Fountain Reverie

Humoresque “L’Organo Primitivo” by Pietro Yon
The “primitive organ” of the title was one he saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

In Fairyland by Spaulding Stoughton
“March of the Gnomes” fits here
In Fairyland

Love Those Words by Michael Johnston
Two tongue-in-cheek pieces on Wonderful Words, “Sing them over again to me, Wonderful Words of Life.” Not suitable for service use.
Love Those Words

Marche Fantastique by Richard Ellsasser
Critics and public alike have commented ‘a picture of inebriation’ to ‘a parade of bedbugs.’ This quirky gem is sure to bring smiles and chuckles.
Marche Fantastique

Moto Perpetuo by Niccolò Paganini, arranged by Enrico Bossi
Get your right hand limbered up for this show-off audience favorite.
Moto Perpetuo

My Old Kentucky Home by Lord
The State Song of Kentucky in several entertaining variations
Fantasia on “My Old Kentucky Home”

On the Trail by Grofe-Rio
“On the Trail” fits here
Organ Arrangements Vol I

Perky by Rosa Rio
This was the last piece Rosa wrote and she used a Mozart melody as the basis for this light number
My Perky Baby

Pop! Goes the Weasel by Fred Feibel
“All around the Mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel”
Pop! Goes the Weasel

Spinning Song by Mendelssohn-Gaul
Fast and dizzy piece to follow your Mendelssohn sonata
Spinning Song

The Squirrel by Powell Weaver
One of, if not the most recognizable character pieces ever written
The Squirrel

St Louis Blues by Handy-Waller
Swinging organ music begs for improvisation
St Louis Blues

Television Theme Trio by Mark N Peterson
Make your audience smile with these clever arrangements of TV themes that everyone recognizes: “Perry Mason,” “Mission: Impossible,” “The Munsters.”
Television Theme Trio

The Thunder Storm by T P Ryder
Use your organ as a storm machine!
Thunder Storm

Tragedy of A Tin Soldier by Gordon Balch Nevin
Humorous suite by the composer of “Will o’ the Wisp”
Tragedy of A Tin Soldier

Way Down Upon the Swanee River/Old Folks at Home by Flagler
Stephen Foster’s melody is fun inside all of the clichéd variations
Variations on an American Air

Will o’ the Wisp by Gordon Balch Nevin
Another name for Will o’ the Wisp is Jack o’ Lantern.
Will O’ The Wisp by Nevin

Woodland Sketches by MacDowell-Ellsasser
Several of these fit this category
Woodland Sketches

The Wurlitzer Waltz by Box, Cox, Gibson, Roberts
Clever little song completely unknown today
Wurlitzer Waltz

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