Organ Duets

The pieces listed below are duets of various forms: Organ Four Hands, Two Organs, and Organ and Instrument(s).

Danse Macabre by Saint-Saëns, arranged by Clarence Dickinson and Charlotte Mathewson Lockwood (4 Hands)
The spookiest Halloween music known. Makes a great encore.
Danse Macabre

Festintrade by Wilhelm Volckmar (4 Hands)
Eugene Thayer thought so much of this duet by the respected organist that he included it with his pedalling and registration in “Album for Organists”

Introduction and Fugue by Henry S Cutler (4 Hands)
Uses the first phrase of Consolator, “Come Ye Disconsolate”
Introduction and Fugue

The Open Diapason March by Louis Meyer (4 Hands)
A favorite since 1879
The Open Diapason March

Quick March by Horatio Parker (4 Hands)
Written by an 18 year old Parker, this duet was originally called Geswchwindmarch fûr zwei Orgelspieler (Quick March for two organists)
Quick March

Reformation Fantasie by Wilhelm Rudnick (4 Hands)
“A Mighty Fortress,” Martin Luther’s great tune in Rudnick’s Duet version
Reformation Fantasie (Duet)

Sacred Duets by Rosa Rio (Organ and Piano)
Rosa’s arrangements of well-known tunes
Sacred Duets

Theme and Variations by Henry M Dunham (Organ and Piano)
His original theme, Opus 18 from 1904
Theme and Variations

Turkish March from “The Ruins of Athens” by Beethoven, arranged by Clarence Dickinson and Charlotte Mathewson Lockwood (4 Hands)
The Turkish March is the most famous of these incidental pieces.
Turkish March

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