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  1. Don VerKuilen says:

    Hello. I am a subscriber. I Love reading your things! I was wondering if you could post something about the dedication concert of a new organ in Green Bay Wisconsin. I am an 18 year old concert organist and the organist at the church. Email me for more info if you are able to =]

    • Don VerKuilen says:

      by the way. you did an article on this website. It’s the same organ! We got the first sounds out of it today!

  2. Hi, Don. Sure, send me a link of an article. I haven’t seen one yet and I’d appreciate your notice of any news, especially a video. The original photo and article that I mentioned on is now gone, but your comments are still there.

  3. Ben Baldus says:

    I’m looking to acquire a recent, reliable complete edition of Buxtehude’s organ works. Any recommendations?


    Ben Baldus

    • Hi, Ben. The consensus seems to be that Peters is the cheaper choice and OK for selected pieces. The pricier alternatives are Barenreiter and Breitkofp. I think perhaps the Barenreiter is more accepted. The problem is how the editor handles tablature, which Bach used a bit but Buxtehude used a lot. (I’m on the board of if you’re interested in alternate notation systems such as tablature.)

      There has been a lot of opinion expressed on piporg-l, FWIW:
      and search for “Buxtehude edition” and you’ll get a lot of opinions.

  4. Ben Baldus says:

    I just rejoined PIPORG-L after a hiatus from the list when it was being a bit childish, but I decided to ask you first as a music dealer and commentator on matters of music publishing. Barenreiter does lots of nicely edited editions. I was in Germany for several weeks before Easter and their work for the organist’s edition of the Evangelische Kirchen Gesangbuch (EKG) is very nice and includes pieces by many contemporary European composers as preludes and introductions to hymns therein.

    Ben Baldus

  5. Bélier Toccata

    Over the years, there has been interest in a piece by Gaston Bélier called Toccata pour Grand Orgue in D Minor. Most people have heard it played by Diane Bish. There are two modern editions of it available for free, so I have not pursued a restoration but instead will post the links to the PDFs for free download.

    Pierre Gouin:,_Gaston%29

    Maurizio Machella:

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  7. ori says:


    can anyone please help me recognize this organ music peice:

    Thank you

  8. “Do you know a source of Widor’s “Mattheus-Final from Bach’s Memento”. I ran across it on youtube. The only thing i find is that Widor who was fond of Bach complied 6 pieces in 1925. Ii’d appreciate y’all looking for this.”

    If you want the scanned version (unrestored with markings and pasted bits), use,_Charles-Marie%29

    If you want an edited version (from 2008), still in print as of 2012, order Butz’s edition from your music store or from OHS.


  9. “I could not help but notice your reference to George Whiting’s “Pastorale” from the Cincinnati Music Hall Series. I am a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and a current graduate student in organ at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati! Small world.”

    “I understand you will be reprinting the work soon. Is this correct? I’m becoming more curious about this piece since you mentioned the connection to Cincinnati. I am not familiar with the piece. How did you come across it if you don’t mind me asking?” —Ohio, USA

    Yes, it’s planned for August (this month). I had restored the “Processional Prelude” from this series and hoped organists would be pleased to play it and perhaps some of the others. John Church, 66 West 4th St in Cincinnati, published this series of pieces played on the “The Great Organ” around 1878 but the pieces were reprinted from an earlier time. The Whiting “Pastorale” was originally published in a collection by Oliver Ditson in 1868. Thank you so much for your interest! —Michael

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