My Shelves Are Groaning Already

“It arrived safely!! AND, I must say, the durable paper and binding is a great pleasure to see! Please keep me on your mailing list, as I can foresee ordering at least a few more things. The problem is, my shelves are groaning already!” —Connecticut, USA

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Gems from Our Fascinating Catalogue

“Thanks very much for the FH Wood music – all arrived safely after having been taken in by a neighbour. Excellent quality production, and I hope to order further gems from your fascinating catalogue.” —United Kingdom

The Wood music ordered was:

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Thayer Organ Organ Restoration Is Complete

Thayer Organ Organ Restoration Is Complete

John Apple brought this to my attention, and I want to pass it on to you. The North Universalist Chapel Society houses this important organ, and this page of their website explains the detail and restoration. Since we have restored all of the Thayer sonatas and many of his other pieces, this organ and its restoration was naturally of interest. It’s not a long story, and I believe you will enjoy it.

Founding members of the Organ Historical Society, E. A. Boadway and Robert Reich “discovered” it in 1956. Having been aware that once prominent Boston organist, W. Eugene Thayer (1838—1889), once owned an organ, it was a small matter to match the names on the stop knobs with the stop names published by Thayer in a journal entitled The Organists’ Journal & Review. Thayer was a colorful and influential character in Boston’s organ scene, so finding an organ carefully specified by him indicated a direct link with the thinking of the times.


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Grand-daughter and Great Grandfather Found

“Thank you for the opportunity to acquire the score for Fantasia on My Old Kentucky Home by J E W Lord, who was my great-grandfather. While Googling his name, we came across your website and, with great delight, his composition. My mother, his grand-daughter, who is 91, is thrilled! We hope to have our church organist perform it! You have provided a service for which our family is truly grateful.”

—Massachusetts, USA

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Gatty Sellars Music and American Tour

Gatty Sellars Music and American Tour

Enjoy this brief article from 1916 which appeared in multiple publications announcing the fifth American tour for Sellars. It also includes mention of this month’s restoration of his “Fancies”: Fischer & Bro are “… just now issuing his “Overture Fantastique” and “Fancies” for organ and orchestra.”

You can see both of these pieces at:

The Musical Monitor (The Official Magazine of the National Federation of Musical Clubs), Vol VI, No 1. September 1916. P 43.

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That Callaerts Toccata Is A Humdinger!

Hello! I ordered “Will o’ the Wisp” last year sometime, and I am so glad I did. And I love receiving this email list. Please call me on Wednesday to make sure I order that Callaerts piece. That Toccata is a humdinger! Wow!

Thank you for making it available.

—Georgia, USA

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“Easy-ish” Shorter Pieces as PDFs

I was happy to see a piece that’s within my ability being offered as an online purchase. I successfully downloaded Fancies, by Gatty Sellars. Hope you may be able to offer a few more easy-ish shorter pieces as PDFs. Thanks so much. —Canada

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Wrapping, Quality Printing, and Large Format

“I just received my music. I wanted to give you my full kudos for the timely delivery of the music. Also, most impressive were the wrapping, quality printing and large format of both pieces. Thank you and keep up the great work of keeping old organ gems alive.” —Minnesota, USA

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Fancy That!, Callaerts Op 23, Ludwig van Organ, Christian Debussy

Greetings, everyone. Selections for the month of July include music from Beethoven and Debussy which make for some musical “meat.” To deal with the Summer heat, I recommend “Fancies” by Sellars. Thank you very much to those of you who have helped me spread the word about my restorations.

1. FANCIES, by Gatty Sellars. This was the hardest piece by Sellars to find! I am so happy to be able offer it for this Summer. Fancies was written in 1916 and published in several different arrangements because of its popularity. I plan a post in my blog with some comments from that year. If you want a fun and easy Summertime piece, this is it.

2. PIECES POUR ORGUE, OPUS 23, by Joseph Callaerts. From the First Series in his music published by Schott, this is the Fourth Book, his Opus 23. These are all solid music, but the Toccata is the stand-out title. Be sure to listen to the recording on my page.

3. ANDANTES AND ADAGIOS, VOL III, by Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged by Julius Andre. I began restoring his Beethoven transcriptions with Vol III because it contains one of my all-time favorite Beethoven themes, the Andante from the Fifth Symphony — which sounds beautiful on the organ.

4. PRELUDE TO “THE BLESSED DAMOZEL,” by Claude Debussy, transcribed by Palmer Christian. There were only two pieces by Palmer Christian ever published, and both were Debussy transcriptions. If you don’t know the original cantata, visit my page to hear it and the organ transcription.

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. To get the four pieces mentioned above, I offer a special price so you can buy all of the pieces above with one click and save money in the deal. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist.

Thank you for sharing your interest in this music by playing it and sharing it online.


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Hungarian March Is Also Known as Rákóczi March

Hungarian March Is Also Known as Rákóczi March

An organist asked me today after hearing “The Rákóczy March” (alternate spelling) on the radio if we had a transcription of it. He could not find it on the website because he was searching for the name and not for “Hungarian March.” Herbert Brewer’s transcription is titled “Hungarian March,” and I forgot to add anything about Rákóczy on the page. Ouch!

The Prince of Transylvania, shown above, had a favorite march and this is it. Hungarians formally list names beginning with the surname, so he is seen both as II Rákóczi Ferenc or Ferenc Rákóczi II.

See more about the history of the march on Wikipedia and more about Brewer’s transcription on Berlioz-Brewer.HungarianMarch.html.

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