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Richard Peek (1927–2005)

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Richard Maurice Peek, a native of Michigan, was a graduate of Michigan State University and received his masters and doctorate in sacred music from Union Theological Seminary, NYC. From 1952 to 1999 he was Minister of Music at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte. He has composed for organ, choir and instruments.


Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord Back

The composer wrote the following about tonight's piece for harp, violin, and organ, published in 1968:

  This composition was the result of the composer's perceived need of music for organ, harp and violin. Philosophically, the piece might be thought of as 'darkness into light.' Opening in the bleakness of a minor mode, the music gradually enters the warmth and brightness of a major key. The composer gratefully acknowledges the help of Elizabeth Clark in preparing the harp part. At the time she was the harpist of the Charlotte Symphony orchestra [from 1948 to 1970].


A Festive March (Marche en Rondeau) Listen & Purchase Back

This march was written in the 1970s and is composed of sections which can be used to increase or decrease performance time for circumstances such as weddings, baccalaureates, and other processions. The use of Baroque ornaments indicated his fascination with the music of that period.


Sine Nomine Back

Sine Nomine, Latin for "without name," is the tune commonly sung to "For All the Saints."  It was composed for this text by the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872–1958).