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There are two of us who provide the products and services for Michael’s Music Service.

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Restore, Reprint, and Distribute organ music, most of which is otherwise unavailable. Our editions offer explanations of archaic terms, capsule biographies, photos, and other interesting information that helps the performer to understand and present a musical and historically informed performance. Learn about sheet music restoration.

Why Buy Sheet Music? In December 2002, John Apple wrote: “It is of interest to note that since Warner Bros (owned by Time-Warner) has acquired the Belwin-HW Gray etc catalog, much of it has been discontinued. In fact, in comparing the catalog of 2000 to 2002, half of the organ music is gone. I talked with an employee who stated that an organ piece must sell 200 copies per year in order to remain in print. I cannot imagine how many organ pieces can meet that number! The employee also said that they are not even keeping archive copies. This is really a tragedy when you consider that during the last 100 years HW Gray published over 1,000 organ pieces in its St Cecilia Series in addition to its Contemporary Series and other works. Most of the J Fischer Series is gone, and that is only the organ music! Much of the choral catalogs of these companies are out of print. What is being published in their names bears little resemblance to the older music.
   These companies will not continue to publish any sheet music as more people download for reduced prices or for free. Supporting a small company like ours can keep a few things available for a while longer.”
   Since then, the music controlled by Warners has been passed around (the control, not the actual music) and currently resides with Alfred Publishing Company.

Compose and Arrange organ music, including chorus parts and instruments

Reference and Referral services are offered for all aspects of organ music. They include:

  • finding sources for in-print and out-of-print organ music
  • finding pieces whose title is uncertain
  • finding pieces included only in collections
  • referring clients to research facilities, libraries, and databases
  • advising how and from whom to commission new organ music
  • finding sources for organ recordings in all formats

Advice is offered on these:

  • finding an organ builder or consultant. We can help you choose an organ for your house or facility by arranging auditions, tours, and meetings with organ builders. Since we are unaffiliated with any builder, this makes us unbiased organ consultants.
  • distribution of unwanted organ music and recordings from divorces, estates, companies, and libraries
  • trading original organ music and recordings
  • donation or disposal of organs
  • sale and auction of organ music and related items (Ebay consulting)
  • any other questions about organ music and related items in general or in particular

Teach organ, piano, and voice lessons in the Charlotte area

   There is generally no charge for reference & referral services. We appraise record (vinyl, CD, tape) collections and can help you distribute organ items to people who will value and use them. We can also advise you on the online marketplaces such as Ebay and web commerce sites. These services, as well as composing, arranging, and lessons each have negotiated fees. Michael’s Music Service is proud to say that we handle everything organic! And we'd love to talk to you!

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