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Alter-Rio: Manhattan Serenade
Banks, Harry: Beyond the Aurora
Barnes, A L: Fugue in G Minor (Triple Fugue)
Barnes, A L: Reverie
Barnes, A L: Sonate Cromatique
Becker, René: Communion
Becker, René: Toccata (in F)
Becker, René: Sonata 1 in G Minor
Bedell, R L: Petite Marche Champêtre
Beethoven-Bedell: Three Trios
Biggs, Richard Keys: Toccata
Bohm-Kraft: Calm as the Night
Bonnet, Joseph: Douze Pièces
Box, Cox, Gibson, Roberts: The Wurlitzer Waltz
Buck, Dudley: Choral March
Buck, Dudley: Festival Prelude Introducing a Choral Theme from Palestrina
Buck, Dudley: The Holy Night
Buck, Dudley: On the Coast
Buck, Dudley: Sunshine and Shadow
Candlyn, Frederick: Prelude on “Divinum Mysterium”
Chadwick, George: Theme, Variations and Fugue
Coke-Jephcott, Norman: Bishop's Promenade
Cutler, Henry S: Andantes
Cutler, Henry S: Introduction and Fugue
D’Antalffy, Dezsö: Christmas Chimes
D’Antalffy, Dezsö: Drifting Clouds
D’Antalffy, Dezsö: Festa Bucolica
D’Antalffy, Dezsö: Madrigal
D’Antalffy, Dezsö: Sportive Fauns
Dawes-Von Ritter: Melody
Eddy, Clarence: Festival Prelude and Fugue on “Old Hundred”
Edmundson, Garth: Toccata on “How Brightly Shines”
Edmundson, Garth: Vom Himmel Hoch
Elgar, Edward: Chanson de Matin
Elgar, Edward: Coronation March
Elgar, Edward: Prelude and Angel’s Farewell
Elgar, Edward: Prelude to “The Kingdom”
Federlein, Gottfried: Legend
Feibel, Fred: Arkansas Traveler
Flagler, I V: Alpine Fantasy and Storm
Flagler, I V: Festival Overture
Flagler, I V: Paraphrase on “Robin Adair”
Flagler, I V: Variations on an American Air
Fletcher, Percy: Fountain Reverie
Ford, Charles: Impromptu
Gastyne, Serge de: Cantique de Joie
Gershwin-Crawford: Rhapsody In Blue
Gretchaninoff, Alexander: Three Pieces
Guilmant, Alexandre: Fantaisie sur deux Mélodies Anglaises
Handy-Waller: St Louis Blues
Harris, Cuthbert: Caprice
Haydn-Lux: Variationen aus dem Kaiserquartett
Hollins, Alfred: Concert Overture in C Major
Hollins, Alfred: Concert Rondo
Hollins, Alfred: Grand Choeur No 2
Hollins, Alfred: Scherzo
Jackson, Samuel: 38 Voluntaries
Johnston, Michael: Christ the Life of All the Living
Johnston, Michael: The Lyric Trumpet
Johnston, Walter: Six Petit Morceaux
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid: Nearer, My God, to Thee!
Ketèlbey-Ware: In A Monastery Garden
Ketèlbey-Matthew: In A Persian Market
Kinder, Ralph: Fantasia on Duke Street
Kinder, Ralph: In Moonlight
Kohlmann, Clarence: The Storm
Kreisler-James: Transcriptions and Arrangements
Lang, Edith: Meditation
Lemare, Edwin H: Andantino
Leemans-Ontko: Marche Officiale des Parachutistes Belge
Liszt-Kraft: Les Préludes
MacDowell-Ellsasser: Woodland Sketches
Macfarlane, Will C: Lullaby
Macfarlane, Will C: Evening Bells and Cradle-Song
Macfarlane, Will C: Scherzo
Martin, Miles: Postlude on “Divinum Mysterium”
Mathias, Xavier: Suite Eucharistique
McAmis, Hugh: Dreams
Mendelssohn-Gaul: Spinning Song
Mendelssohn-Warren: Scherzo from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Meyer, Louis: The Open Diapason March
Nalle, Billy: Alles Was Du Bist (Trio in a Style of Bach)
Nordman, Chester: Mélodie Lyrique
O’Connor-Morris, Geoffrey: Celtic Melody
Olsson, Otto: Sonata
Ontko, Allan: Variations on Veni Creator Spiritus
Ontko, Olivia: A Tiny Liturgical Year
Parmentier, C A J: Deep River
Peek, Richard: A Festive March
Perry, Roy: Christos Patterakis
Peterson, Mark: Television Theme Trio
Prince-Joseph, Bruce: Toccata Giovane
Rachmaninoff-Federlein: Prelude in G Minor
Rebikoff-Clough-Leighter: Dance of the Bells
Rio, Rosa: Dreaming
Rio, Rosa: Perky
Rio, Rosa: Silent Night
Ropartz, Guy: Thème Varié
Russell, Alexander: St Lawrence Sketches
Ryder, T P: The Thunder Storm
Saint-Saëns-Dickinson: Danse Macabre
Satie-Allred: Three Gymnopedies
Schubert-Lemare: Schubert’s Sérénade
Sellars, Gatty: Nymphs
Sellars, Gatty: Overture Fanstastique
Shaffer, Jeanne: Partita on Schmücke dich
Silver, Alfred: Jubilate Deo
Smart, Henry: March in G
Smart, Henry: Postlude (in D)
Smart, Henry: Prelude in A and Postlude in C
Somma, Bonaventura: Toccata
Sowerby, Leo: Carillon
Sowerby, Leo: Comes Autumn Time
Sowerby, Leo: Concerto in C
Sowerby, Leo: Symphony in G Major
Sowerby, Leo: Wedding Procession
Strang, Samuel Tudor: Festal March
Stebbins, Charles: At Twilight
Stebbins, Charles: In Summer
Stebbins, Charles: Where Dusk Gathers Deep
Sullivan-Barrett: The Lost Chord
Strayhorn-Wyton: Lotus
Suppé-Lemare: Poet and Peasant Overture
Swinnen, Firmin: Chinoiserie
Tchaikovsky-Morse: Andante Cantabile
Thayer, Eugene: Sonata I
Thayer, Eugene: Sonata II
Thayer, Eugene: Sonata III
Thayer, Eugene: Sonata V
Thayer, Eugene: Offertoire for Vox Humana
Thayer, Eugene: Three Offertoires, Setting 1
Thayer, Eugene: Three Offertoires, Setting 2
Verdi-Lemare: March from Aïda
Wagner-Brewer: Procession to the Minster (Elsa’s)
Wagner-Brewer: Tannhäuser’s Pilgrimage
Wagner-Dickinson: Ride of the Valkyrs
Wagner-Gibson: Liebestod
Whiting, George: Concert Etudes
Williams-Brewer: The Chimes of Gloucester Cathedral
Wood, Frederic: Scenes on the Downs
Yon, Pietro: Advent
Yon, Pietro: American Rhapsody
Yon, Pietro: Prelude—Pastorale
Zundel, John: Six Preludes & Interludes
Video playlist, “Pieces I Publish,” on Youtube

If you record one of the pieces we publish, please send me an MP3 of your performance, and I will add it to those above. This will build an interesting collection of performances of this great organ music, and then you can point others to your recordings! (And it’s free.)

Concerto in C (1936) by Leo Sowerby: E Power Biggs played the III/75 Aeolian-Skinner Organ, Opus 1376 (1960) with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Organdy conducting, in the Philadelphia Academy of Music, September 29, 1963.
  1. Vigorously, Moderately fast MP3
  2. Slowly and Wistfully MP3
  3. Boldly, moderately fast MP3
Courtesy of the Leo Sowerby Foundation and Francis Crociata.
     Leo Sowerby
Leo Sowerby
E Power Biggs
E Power Biggs
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