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New: Just Announced Organ Music
Funeral March by Edward Elgar, transcribed by Herbert Brewer Gran Triumphal Wedding March by Charles A Garratt Variations on Nuremberg (Liebster Jesu) by Henry S Cutler Comes Autumn Night by Leo Sowerby Monthly Discounted Bundle
Funeral March
by Elgar-Brewer
Grand Triumphal Wedding March
by Garratt
Variations on Nuremberg
by Cutler
Comes Autumn Time
by Sowerby
Monthly Bundle
for April 2014
Free console dustcloth with $50 order!

Recent: Processional Prelude by Whiting, Prelude to “La Traviata” by Verdi-Biggs, Cantique d’Amour by Wendt-Brewer, and Calm as the Night by Bohm-Kraft.

Coming: Three Beethoven Trios by Beethoven-Bedell, Introduction to Act III of Lohengrin by Wagner-Archer, Processional by Dieckmann, Caprice by Dethier, Sonata, Op 38 by Olsson, The Fountain by Matthews, and much more!

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Reviews, Comments, and Feedback
“Wanted you to know I received my order yesterday. I was impressed how well the pieces were packaged, and the sheets themselves look like works of art. It will be almost a shame to have to make rehearsal marks on them! As an analogy, the type of restoration you do seems comparable to what a photographer does with an old, worn-out photo. I also really appreciate the added biographical information about the composer on each piece.” —Wisconsin, USA
“Got the notice from PayPal just a few minutes ago. You provide a great service and have resurrected some very good music. Many thanks.” —Illinois, USA
“Michael’s Music Service provides a valuable service by unearthing and making available organ gems that are out of copyright and often unavailable for purchase anywhere else.” —Jay Zoller, The Diapason, February 2014 (read the review)
“Edwin H Lemare’s Andantino is the first printed music I’ve seen with four staffs including three for keyboards. Though I’ve used multiple keyboards in one hand many times in theatre music this is a first for me. Love the piece!” —North Carolina, USA
“I truly appreciate your service — the Il Est Ne [Noel Provencal] is beautiful. Doug Marshall forwarded a YouTube video of his performance of the piece. I look forward to getting it, not for this season, but definitely for sometime soon. The Dudley Buck Choral March I ordered a couple of weeks ago is going to be joyful to work up. It was presented at the OHS Convention in Vermont last summer. It's a great find! Thanks again.” —Massachusetts, USA
“I’d been trying to find Robert Elmore’s Fantasy on Nursery Tunes for about 35 years. No luck, until Michael’s Music Service came along! Thanks very much!” —South Carolina, USA
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the editions I have ordered from you. The paper quality and printing are first rate. I have a suggestion of a piece you might consider reprinting: Seth Bingham’s The Bells of Riverside.” —North Carolina, USA
“I just realized that I have not been on your list since 4/2012 when I moved. This is my latest email address. Thank you so much for keeping organ music alive.” —Email
“The music arrived in a timely manner, and in great shape. And my wife and I had great fun listening to the MP3 at your site while following along in the score. Anyhow, thanks for your note and much success to you!” —Idaho, USA
“Once again I am delighted with these works. The Smart Postlude is more or less how I thought it would look, having heard the MP3 a number of times. But both the Whiting Sonata and the Fricker Concert Overture are somewhat more substantial than I had realised and therefore will take more work! The fantastic value for money which you offer goes without saying; it is legendary, heroic, a paradigm for our economically bruised times.” —United Kingdom
“It is such a privilege for us to receive music that is long out of print and gives us organists and musicians the opportunity to play music that is our heritage. Without the effort that you put into this, we would be bereft, and quite frankly, shipping charges are a small price to pay for the great rewards we reap. Thank you for all the work that you put into ensuring that we do not lose our heritage.” —United Kingdom
“Dear Michael, the music arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with all three items. As you may have gathered from this and past purchases, there is a wide range of organ music which interests me. I am particularly pleased with the Gastyne piece [Cantique de Joie] which will take a while to learn but will I am sure be well worth the effort. In my recitals I like to bring to the attention of my audience music they would not normally encounter — hence my delight at discovering your company some years ago. I am now looking forward to receiving the next package! In the meantime please keep up the good work!” —United Kingdom

“Thanks, received it [Calm as the Night] fine the other day and took it to church to practice. It’s not difficult, just those few measures where the left hand bridges two manuals require a bit of attention. Print quality is good.” —California, USA
“Charles R. Ford was the organist for the First Religious Society (Unitarian) in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Although he published two collections of hymn tunes and choral music in 1885, this Impromptu is his only organ composition. ... I could recommend it as a short church piece or as a filler piece in a student recital.” —Jay Zoller, The Diapason, February 2014 (read the review)
“Michael, the Five Sonatas by Eugene Thayer arrived recently. There is a wealth of great material in there that will be useful for church as well as concert. Thank you very much for making these and other hard-to-find items available at great prices! Thanks also for the bonus organ dusting cloth. I am actually using it to dust my shiny black baby grand piano at home, which attracts dust daily!” —Ohio, USA
“Thank you, the link worked and the recording [“What Used to Be Played”] is very good. The organ sounds great and the pieces are very interesting. You now have a new customer :>) Thanks again.” —Connecticut, USA
“Just received the Titcomb and Jenkins pieces. After two years of looking, I thought I’d never find either of them. The Jenkins Dawn is wonderful and along with the Kraft transcription of the Liszt Les Preludes are two of the best offerings acquired through you. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.” —Ohio, USA
“Hi, Michael. I would love to be added to the email list. I was very excited to see this music back in print. My teacher actually showed it to me. Thanks!” —Massachusetts, USA
“Thanks for all the US composers! Pietro Yon played for my parents' wedding at St Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, back in 1934, good to see other of his compositions (other than Gesu Bambino.)” —California, USA
Lotus Blossom arrived today, on schedule, and I’ll dig into it tomorrow during practice. Thank you for prompt service, really good packaging (it was pouring rain here and the plastic liner inside protected the music in an otherwise waterlogged package), and decent price. I’ll visit your website directly next time. Would like to know what other unique pieces of interest you might have available.” —New York, USA
“Thanks Michael. I must say that I’ve been delighted with the quality of the reproduction, printing, paper and packaging of the music I’ve obtained from you so far; and you seem to have amassed an excellent selection of hard-to-find scores — goodness knows how you found them! Looking forward to the latest batch.” —United Kingdom
“I was glad that you had the “chimes” piece available. That one [The Chimes of Gloucester Cathedral] has been OOP for some time. It’s been quite difficult to find chime pieces these days. They all seem to have gone OOP over the years. I’ve been looking for similar books — specifically “Voluntaries for Organ and Chimes” and such like that for a while now. Thanks again.” —Pennsylvania, USA
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