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New: Just Announced Organ Music
Noel with Variations, by Robert Leech Bedell To Martin Luther's Christmas Carol, by Gaul Pieces Opus 28, by Joseph Callaerts Ballet Egyptien (first suite), by Luigini, arr Fred Feibel Monthly Discounted Bundle
Noël with Variations
by Bedell
To Martin Luther’s Christmas Carol
by Gaul
Pièces Opus 28
by Callaerts
Ballet Egyptien
by Luigini-Feibel
Monthly Bundle
for January
Free console dustcloth with $50 order!

Recent: Petite Marche Champêtre de Noël by Bedell, In Bethlehem’s Town by Mueller, Grand Choeur No 2 by Hollins, and Toccata on How Brightly Shines by Edmundson.

By Category: AGO Founders, Atmospheric, Hymntunes, Holidays, Popular, and more.

Coming: Introduction to Act III of Lohengrin by Wagner-Archer, The Holy Night by Vail, Moravian Morning Star by Gaul, Die Meistersinger Overture by Wagner-Lemare, Caprice by Sheldon, Spring Song by Hollins, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Diton, Etude Symphonique by Bossi, and much more!

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Reviews, Comments, and Feedback
“I received my music today. Thank you for the prompt service.” —Canada
“I just received my music. I wanted to give you my full kudos for the timely delivery of the music. Also, most impressive were the wrapping, quality printing and large format of both pieces. Thank you and keep up the great work of keeping old organ gems alive.” —Minnesota, USA
“Michael, thanks for the music. It arrived this morning and I think that the Marche Pontificale needs to be learned first. Thanks again.” —Ohio, USA
“Thanks a lot for this great organ transcription of Liszt’s Les Préludes, which I couldn’t find anywhere else. Print quality is fantastic and I received it unexpectedly fast. I’m afraid it’s not the last time I will order something in your webshop.” —Netherlands
“It did indeed arrive today and the music is beautifully done. It exceeds expectations. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you do. I would highly recommend your music. If I were more accomplished I would have ordered more, but it will be some time before I master what you’ve sent.” —Maryland, USA
“Thank you very much Michael. I am pleased to have discovered your service and will refer to it again. Regards.” —New Zealand
“Hi Michael. The pieces arrived yesterday, many thanks. Some of your harmonies in the Triumphant Procession are interesting! Kind Regards.” —United Kingdom
Of Christos Patterakis: “Frankly, it is a hypnotic practice piece — you can’t stop playing it, and the registrational possibilities are endless. —Rollin Smith, The American Organist, April 2016 (read the review)
“Hey — Thanks for the bonus dust cloth, very nice!!” —California, USA
“Michael, thank you so very much. It is such a pleasure shopping online when I get to know trustworthy merchants like yourself. This may have been my first order but it definitely will not be my last!” —Maryland, USA
“Greetings Michael. I played The Lyric Trumpet after the Mass this morning. It was very well received. Comments such as “beautiful” and “regal” were voiced. So a winner with that at St Peter’s in Cardiff!” —United Kingdom
“Your offerings sound as wonderful as ever ... and surely a postlude on Pop! Goes the Weasel would earn me some kind of extra bonus! Please save one bundle for me ... I need some New Year fun!! Many thanks.” —North Carolina, USA
“Please add my name [to the email announcement list], and thanks for the valuable service you provide.” —Wisconsin, USA
“If you lived in the UK you would surely be eligible for some kind of Honour — 'For services to music.' You really must be a musical genius to send music as you do; printing, packaging, etc are really five-star productions. Really grateful for the music, for which many thanks. I will be in touch again, and I'll also spread the word to other organists and friends. Best wishes and regards.” —United Kingdom
“Order received — impressed at the quickness, and simply that you had the piece! [Requiescat in Pace] Had trouble finding it! Thanks.” —Pennsylvania, USA
“My books arrived this afternoon. Thank you for such great service. I am delighted with the music.” —Florida, USA
Re: Toccata by Biggs: “Thank you, Michael. I am so glad that you resurrected this wonderful Toccata — one of the first toccatas to give a student that has substance!” —Pennsylvania, USA
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“My music parcel arrived yesterday in perfect shape. The wrapping in plastic was really a good idea. A few times I have received music that got wet in transit or on delivery. I look forward to receiving email announcements from you. Thank you.” —Texas, USA
“Regarding Aria by Swinnen:“I’m certainly interested! Thank you for your great service! Just received Swinnen’s Longwood Sketches today!” —Belgium
“Thanks, Michael. I’ve enjoyed your posts and ordered several collections. You furnish a service like none other, and I appreciate it.” —North Carolina, USA
The Lost Chord music arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks for your prompt and friendly service!” —Missouri, USA
“I would like to order the lovely Kreisler pieces... My dad was a violinist, so I grew up with these pieces on the old 78s. Thank you for all you do, and I can’t wait to receive the music.”—Georgia, USA
“The music arrived today — thanks very much. Nice colour copies, carefully packaged — certainly exceeded expectations! I may have another out of print challenge for you. I’ll maybe pass you some details soon. Thanks again.” —United Kingdom
“My copy of the Everett Truette Suite in G Minor arrived in today’s post. Some enjoyable learning ahead!” —Australia
“I love the Gounod Sanctus and Cronham’s The Kings of the Orient. The Gounod is just what I have been looking for, as the difficult parts just fall into place. The ‘March’ will be a lot of fun to play — so different and dramatic! The two selections are wonderful additions to my repertoire. Thank you both for the work you are doing to make these treasures available to us. I look forward to future selections. I am always thrilled when I see your emails coming up on my screen. Thanks again, and take care!”—Georgia, USA
“All music has arrived in good shape this morning! I’m going to work on ‘Sunrise at Stonehenge’ without waiting. Thanks a lot!”—France
“Thank you in advance. I enjoy your work. And I love playing Dudley Buck’s On the Coast. All the best.”—Germany
“Thanks so much for the music, and for the organ console cloth! I will store it for our new console, which will be installed in 2017 with the upgraded organ in place. I have several arrangements of the Tchaikovsky [Andante Cantabile], but I did not know of this one, and, the Biggs’ sounds great. I actually never heard the piece and yet I've owned it for 45-plus years (moreover, it was OOP then). Please do not hesitate to ask for anything you may need. You are doing a marvelous service to all of us, especially since the organ reform movement has started to fade. Organists are really embracing this style of music.”—New Jersey, USA
Re: Billy Nalle’s Alles Was Du Bist: “Thank you, the Nalle piece was very nice. All the best!”—Sweden
“Did you know you’ve got one of the best online purchase lashups I’ve come across yet? Totally instinctive, highly responsive — very simple to change an order with the order window open and promptly reflecting everything being adjusted — and entirely too enticing. You’re dangerous. But keep up the good work!”—North Carolina, USA
“Thanks Michael for all that you do to promote the great cause of keeping all organ music alive and well, for generations to come!”—New Jersey, USA
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